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By Amanda Li 18 Mar, 2017

Hands-down these meatballs are probably one of my favourite recipes to incorporate into meal preps as they taste so good on its own as a snack or in addition to a lunch or dinner. 

By Amanda Li 18 Mar, 2017

This is a fantastic pantry recipe, perfect for when your perishable groceries are running low at the end of the week! Transform one creamy dip and one can of tuna into a pasta bake, fish cakes and a hot sandwich. 

By Amanda Li 16 Mar, 2017

A staple recipe in my household due to its simplicity and versatility! Transform one meal's leftovers into hot sandwiches, pastas and even a creamy soup!

By Amanda Li 08 Mar, 2017

A perfectly nutty crisp cookie that just so happens to be grain-free.

By Amanda Li 05 Mar, 2017

A simple grain-free batter using coconut flour - a high fibre, low glycemic alternative to wheat flour. Transform this batter into muffins, pancakes or waffles to keep things exciting for you and your kids! 

By Amanda Li 28 Feb, 2017

A simple protein bar that is perfect for your lunchbox, to accompany your mid-afternoon tea, or for an evening dessert! With only 4 ingredients, it is hard not to want to make these scrumptious bites!

By Amanda Li 24 Feb, 2017

Just when you thought you did not have anything to perk you up, you remembered you made these delicious lemon coconut pick-me up bites!

By Amanda Li 23 Feb, 2017

These energy balls taste just like After Eight Chocolate Mint Sticks!

By Amanda Li 11 Feb, 2017

This boldly spiced hot beverage combines the medicinal powers of chaga mushroom, maca root, and turmeric powder.

By Amanda Li 01 Feb, 2017

This recipe reveals the secret to extra-juicy chicken with crisp skin and a smooth, rich pan sauce flavoured with lemon and thyme.  Did I mention that celeriac can be cooked just like potatoes but with almost half the calories???

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