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By Amanda Li 26 May, 2017

Crispy exterior with a tender chewy interior. Perfect eaten just as is out of the waffle iron or with a salad on top.

By Amanda Li 26 May, 2017
This recipe highlights how to add volume to meals without adding more calories. The key to weight-loss success!
By Amanda Li 09 May, 2017

Incredibly delicious accompaniment for a myriad of salad ingredients!

By Amanda Li 02 May, 2017

Onions and leeks belong to the allium family of vegetables – ones that possess powerful anti-cancer properties and are oh-so-flavourful!

By Amanda Li 29 Apr, 2017

One of my favourite cooking methods to meal prep my vegetables.

By Amanda Li 29 Apr, 2017

Step-by-step tutorial on how to prepare sous vide chicken breast using an immersion circulator.

By Amanda Li 27 Apr, 2017

No mixing bowl required, just a blender for these delicious omega-3 rich muffins!

By Amanda Li 27 Apr, 2017
Packed full of umami and only takes a few seconds to make! 
By Amanda Li 22 Apr, 2017

The perfect lunchbox accompaniment for both kids and adults!

By Amanda Li 21 Apr, 2017

What you put in your body has a profound effect on your mental wellbeing. Food is used for energy but it is also turned into neurotransmitters, impacting the way you feel, think, work, and experience life overall. Choose your morning beverage wisely and your body will thank you!

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