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When you eat well, you feel great, and you can accomplish amazing things! 

I am a Registered Dietitian and a Chef. When you work with me, we will go beyond the consultation room. You will understand nutrition fundamentals and acquire the skills of meal planning, shopping, preparing, and cooking delicious meals. You and your family will eat well and adopt healthier eating habits.

At Wellness Simplified, our mission is to empower, encourage, and equip individuals with the hands-on food skills to make healthy eating the easier choice. I can help you today.

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New Clinic Location in Georgetown

Wellness Simplified has expanded and is now offering nutrition coaching and hands-on cooking classes at Elevated Health and Wellness in the heart of Georgetown. 

In-home consultations are still available for those residing in Brampton, Etobicoke, Mississauga and Milton. 

Recent Recipes

Recipes from Wellness Simplified

By Amanda Li 19 Jan, 2018
These candied cashews make for a delicious salad topping and a party snack. Try substituting the cashews with pecans or walnuts for a nice twist!
By Amanda Li 19 Jan, 2018

Hands-down my favourite seasoning for absolutely EVERYTHING! Use it as a dry-rub for meats, as a crunchy garnish over veggies or rice. 

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My clients include busy professionals, working parents, full-time care-givers, individuals living with dietary conditions and/or chronic diseases. Find out what my clients are saying below. 
  • “When I began eating per Amanda’s advice, I slept better than I had in YEARS, I began to deal with my stress better, my afternoon slump disappeared and overall I felt FANTASTIC!” - Jackie, small business owner and mother of one.

  • “Amanda’s teaching style is the perfect combination of technical, educational, and engaging.” - Teresa, busy business professional.

  • “Amanda got me and my family trying new vegetables and finally made cooking fun and easy!” - Steve, full-time working father of two.

  • “Having tried embarking on a gluten and dairy-free diet alone was overwhelming to say the least. After one session with Amanda, I felt at ease and she made eating enjoyable again!” - Carrie, school teacher and mother of three.

  • “The way Amanda approaches food makes so much more sense than ANY other nutrition professional I have encountered. She does a great job breaking down what and when to eat in a realistic and manageable fashion.” - Jen, a full-time working mother of three.

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