Conferences and Wellness Seminars

Amanda understands the challenges you face as an event organizer and meeting planner. You want people to learn, apply the lessons they learn and rave about your event to all! It’s absolutely vital that you maintain the delegates’’ energy and concentration levels – an area of expertise Amanda excels in as a professional and highly dynamic speaker. These tried and tested presentations prevent conference fatigue and ensure your time and their money are well invested. Every presentation is tailored in a way that includes practical and relevant takeaways, personal goal-setting and most importantly, an hour of fun and learning! 

Eating for Longevity
Explore the habits & dietary secrets shared amongst centurions. Let’s unravel the hidden mysteries of “superfoods.”

Flourishing Your Body and Mind 
How to get the brain and body buzzing. This will uncover the 3 most common dietary mistakes that are causing you to feel bloated, fatigued and stressed.

Rev-Up Your Metabolic Furnace
Get the evidence-based facts on how you can accelerate your body’s metabolism

Battling our Sugar Addiction
More addictive and accessible than cocaine. Get ready to discover the worst food offenders and let’s kick our nation’s sugar habit one teaspoon of sugar at a time!

Overcoming Food Decision Fatigue
We make over 200 food choices every day! Be equipped with a no-nonsense approach to healthier eating and watch your level of productivity skyrocket!

Corporate Taste & Learns

Looking for a tasty team development opportunity? In this entertaining 60-minute session with Amanda, she will include hands-on cooking demonstrations that cover simple & nutritious meal and snack recipes. Get your team involved and reap the benefits of improved performance and decreased absenteeism.

Client Experiences

“Amanda is incredibly knowledgeable and her culinary expertise bridges the gap between nutrition recommendation and day-to-day eating.”  - Ms. Baldino, Head Secretary

“As parents we struggle with planning meals that will please the entire family. Amanda’s practical and concrete recommendations, left us feeling equipped and confident in tackling meal prep!” - Janine, Parent Council Member

“When organizing wellness seminars on diet and health-related topics, Amanda is my first choice. Her superb public speaking ability along with her friendly demeanor and expertise make her the perfect candidate.” - Jodi, HR specialist.

“I’ve never seen my colleagues so intensely focused at any lunch and learn before! Amanda’s bubbliness and high-energy just naturally draws people, and her enthusiasm for healthy living is so contagious!” Shauna, Executive Administrator.  

“You know it’s a successful event when people cannot stop chit chatting or bragging about what they made on the weekend for meal prep, even weeks after Amanda spoke at our office!” Diane, HR Specialist 

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